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Skilled Canadian Tradespeople

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Skilled Canadian workers – anywhere you need them


WE are a full service contractor, providing our skilled work crews, supervision, quality control, safety, human resource management and insurance.

  1. You are presented with a skilled Canadian work crew that matches your requirements – for your approval.
  2. We get them to you wherever you are.
  3. We handle everything including logistics, transportation, flights and vehicles, accommodations, all work crews are employed by us (including payroll, WCB, liability insurance), built in management and on-site human resources.
  4. Highly skilled workers arrive ready for orientation and get right to work on your project.
  5. We stay as long as you need us.

Consumables, TOOLS and equipment

These items can be supplied by you or TDT CREWS.

TDT CREWS works for you – guaranteed

Why Use TDT Crews

  • No up-front fees, we only bill for hours worked.
  • When you need additional manpower to complete projects on time.
  • Compliment your existing workforce with skilled, trained and ready to work people.
  • Add a night shift to get projects completed on time or take on more work.
  • Bid on projects with confidence knowing that you have the advantage of additional skilled work crews who are Canadian.
  • Offset risk on a project as all WCB, payroll, provincial and federal deductions, liability insurance, screening, recruitment, and contingent workforce logistics are employed by and administered by TDT Crews.
  • Improve project cash flow with TDT Crews payment terms.
  • Confidently proceed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from TDT Crews – we stand behind every man and woman we employ at your worksite.

Hire TDT Crews

Looking to compliment your workforce? You’ve come to the right place.

The more information you provide us, the faster we can provide you the qualified people you need.

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Payroll Services

Managing payroll in every province and territory

Managing payroll for companies like yours in every province and territory of Canada.

As a result of working in every province over the past ten years, TDT has developed a high degree of competency in dealing with all of the payroll reporting, management and compliance required to operate in every Canadian jurisdiction.

At a highly competitive rate, TDT offers this service to third party companies native to both Canada and the United States.